Silent Alliance Code of Conduct(Official)

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Silent Alliance Code of Conduct(Official)

Post  KBrown on Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:08 am

Silent Alliance Code of Conduct

1-No double clanning –This is defined as being a member of another clan that officially supports the games that we official support (ie, Star Wars: Empire at War, COD5 for XBOX, WoW, etc.).
2-Treat all members of [SA] with respect.
3-Respect authority (Commanders, Generals, Police Department, SBI)
4-Respect everyone on the forum whether they are members of [SA] or guests.
5-No excessive swearing(this is a PG-13 clan)
6-NO HACKING(will result automatic ban)
7-No flaming(causing/continuing fights/drama on forum and/or ingame)
8-No racial jokes/slanders(will be punished severely)
9-No solicitation of other gaming clans on the forum
10-No blackmailing or pestering of members of [SA] for personal benefit.
11-No discrimination

*The Code of Conduct may be edited or modified by [SA] Command at any time.

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